Practice Programming: Python

The last time I was looking into practicing/working with Python, according to my computer applications section of my macbook pro, was last year december.  I’ve been taking notes HARD this year, but not sure if I took any good notes on my experience with Python then.  But now I wish to.  Downloading the latest version ‘Python 3.4.2′, I’m looking forward to working with it with a book that I was working on last ‘Think Python How to think like a Computer Scientist’.  Although I’ve studied programming in the past, being that I’ve been studying that and designing on my own and as I have not worked as a freelancer for a while (working OTHER types of jobs), I’ve been overwhelmed with the whole concept.  I’m looking forward to this and more to come.

kingzLo Fitness Coming Soon!

Self:  It’s about time.

Me:  Yeah I know.  We need to work on this website in-between the miks though.

Self:  We really need to do something about the ecs key.  Fortunately it is the keyboard, and there is spell check for any words like what you wrote on the top.

Me:  Yeah ok, so now I have to keep that misspelled word since you mentioned it.

Self:  No problem.  It’s 2 a.m.  Let’s get some work in.

Me:  (2:45 a.m.)  Had to do some awesome research on Sketchbook Pro app.  They have it on the iPad.

Self:  What does that have to do with work @ hand.

Me:  We just gave our daughter our Nook for her birthday.  We need an IPad.  After all that is where Sketchbook is within.

Self:  Aren’t you going to get it on your macbook pro.

Me:  Yes, but when I get better with it, I will want it on my up and coming iPad.

Self:  First things first.  It’s been a minute since we REALLY drew.  I saw the recent stick figure/caveman drawings you put into our notebook.

Me:  Yeah right, but we have drawn some good works in the past.

Self:  That we have.  Now can we get some work for the rest of the night.  I believe you wanted to watch that video off of  Let’s get that going before we go to bed.  Then later we can get some work going for this website.  It is looking very amateurish.  I’m going to have to have some people tell you about us.  On how we not working together too well.

Me:  OMG!  True that.  Being that I (we) are practically going to publish this at the end of the night.  Hehehe.

Self:  Yeah.

Stay Tuned!

Self:  Wait, the title is WAY OFF!  “kingzLo Fitness Coming Soon!”

Me:  Yeah, I’ll let the people them know.

Self:  By the way.  To the readers…  What ‘me’ had to say was a little potwah.  So for you, the ‘People Dem’, time to get back to work.

…   (4:30 a.m.)

Self:  I see we getting a little productive from the time.

Me:  Isn’t it wonderful.  Just need to get some sleep sometime.

…  (5:15 a.m.)

Self:  Yeah looks like it is time for bed for real.

Me:  True that.  Great notes we took tonight huh.

Self:  Yes indeed.  Sweet dreams buddy.  I’ll try not to think too much while your laying your head.

Me (feeling the fatigue):  Not a problem, as long as my body is well rested, we’ll be alright.